Politiepetten Collectie

International Police Hats Collection

One of the biggest collections in the world!

Over 1750 police hats on display

police hats
police hats
police hats

Welcome at Slochteren!

The Police Hats Collection at Slochteren, in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands, counts more than 1.750 hats from more than 200 countries and maybe is the biggest collection of police hats in the world!

Much more to see than police hats alone!

The collection began with police hats, but in the mean time includes many other items like uniforms, sables and other things a policeman or policewoman needed or needs in daily work. So there is  much more on  display.

Collection of IPA Groningen, Netherlands

While started as a private collection of police hats, collected by a Groningen policeman, Hilbrand Buurma, the collection was growing fastly and therefore was moved in 1993 to its present address. Later on the collection was donated to the International Police Association (IPA) District Groningen.
IPA is a wordwide fraternal organisation of police officers in more than 60 countries and with more than 400.000 members. 

police hats collection
Admission free of charge

The Collection is not open for the public permanently, only on special days like the Dutch “National Museumweek" and the Year Market in Slochteren. Apart from that the Collection can be visited by groups and by appointment only throughout the year. Call or email us!
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police sables
police whistles
police handcuffs
police badge
police patches
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International Police Hats Collection
Zuiderweg 3
9621 BK Slochteren, Netherlands
Tel. nr +31 643 959771 

Visit by appointment

The Police Hats Collection can be visited by individuals and groups by appointment only.
Please contact Bert Hulshof (see email & telephone number to the left). Admission is free of charge!


Police hats welcome

Do you want to donate or exchange a police hat or other police items to our collection? Please contact the administrator of the collection via the Donations page. Please click here.

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